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A. Personal Information

·         Sepideh Fahimifar

·         sfahimifar@ut.ac.ir

·         PhD Student

·         Department of Library and Information Science

·         Faculty of Library and Information Science

·         University of Tehran, Jalal Al Ahamad, Tehran, Iran

 B. Educational Background 



Field of Study

Place of  Study





Alzahra University





Alzahra University




Information management

Tehran University

2011- Cont

C. Affiliation

·         Information Studies Laboratory

·         Member of National Elites Foundation

·         Head of Student Department of Student Research Consultation

·         Referee of Nama Journal(Iranian Research Institute for Information Science and Technology)

·         Member of Iranian Library and Information Science Association (ILISA)

D. Courses taught

·         Information storage and retrieval

·         Digital library

·         Word processing

·         Web designing

E. Research Interest

·         E-Book

·         E- Publishing

·         Digital Library

·         Information storage and retrieval

·         Digital Archive

F. Books

·         Ghaebi, Amir & Sepideh Fahimifar (In Print). Evaluation of ebooks.Tehran:ISBA

G. Paper

·         Naghshineh, Nader & Sepideh Fahimifar (2011).”Economic modeling of ebook publishing”.2th World Conference of Information Technology. Antalya. Turkey

·         Fahimifar, Sepideh, Nastaran Poursalehi, Saeed Nezareh.” Overriding selection criteria for library softwares in National libraries: librarians’ point of view”. 2th World Conference of Information Technology. Antalya. Turkey

·         Ghaebi, Amir & Sepideh Fahimifar (2011). “Ebook acquisition features: attitude of Iranian information professionals”. The Electronic Library. 29(6)

·         Fahimifar, Sepideh (In Print).The evaluation criteria of Persian academic ebooks: Academic librarians' attitude at Tehran state Universities”. Journal of Academic Librarianship and Information Research

·         Ghaebi, Amir, Mansour Tajdaran & Sepideh Fahimifar (In Print).The evaluation criteria of Persian academic ebooks: Students’ attitude at Alzahra University”. Information Science and Technology.

·         Ghaebi, Amir, Mansour Tajdaran & Sepideh Fahimifar (2010).”Ebook Evaluation Criteria: A proposed checklist”. Information Science and Technology.25(4)

·         Fahimifar, Sepideh (2009).”Web usage and user information needs at Alzahra University”. Paper presented at 10th Student Conference at Alzahra University, Tehran. Iran.

·         Fahimifar, Sepideh & Amir Ghaebi (2009).”Ebooks from the standpoint of information professionals working at Central Libraries of Universities in Metropolitan Tehran. Information Science and Technology.24 (1).

·         Baradar, Roya and Sepideh Fahimifar (2009)." History of Indexing in Iran: past, current and future". Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers Conference, The Practice of Indexing, Sydney.(Presented)

·         Caldera-Serrano, Jorge (2009). “Changes in the management of information in audio-visual archives following digitization: Current and future outlook”. Translated by Sepideh Fahimifar. Ganjine-ye Asnad; Historical Research & Archival Studies Quarterly .18(3)

·         Asnafi, Amir, Maryam Pakdaman & Sepideh Fahimifar (2009).”Government and Non-Government of organization archives in Iran”. Archives, Libraries and Museums. Proceedings of the 8th Alzahra Library and Information Science, 11-32.  Tehran: KETABDAR.

·         Fahimifar, Sepideh, Maryam Mousavizade & Fatemeh Saleki (2009).” Alternatives of making study habit and it’s evaluation in public libraries”. In Public Libraries of Iran, Restrictions/Potencies and Alternatives (Proceeding of 9th National Seminar, Library and …). Tehran: KETABDAR.

·         Fahimifar, Sepideh (2008).”Ebooks Collections in Academic Libraries of Metropolitan Tehran”.23(3)

·         Fahimifar, Sepideh (2008).”The problem and challenges of audiovisual archives in Iran”.Ganjine-ye Asnad; Historical Research & Archival Studies Qurarterly.18 (2).

·         Fahimifar, Sepideh (2008).”The Convergence between information & Communication”.INFORMOLOGY.5&6

·         Rahmati Tash, Maryam, Sepideh Fahimifar, Masomeh Adeli & Maryam Sharifnobary (2008).”Overlap in Infometrics, Scientometrics, Bibliometrics, Webometrics: Advantages and Disadvantages”. in Health Information Management(The 1st National Conference of Scientometrics in Medical Sciences).1

·         Pakdaman, Maryam, Sepideh Fahimifar & Maryam Mousavizadeh (2008). “Approach of academic medicine librarian about -IMLA-Iranian medicine library and information science associations”. 1th Conference of Iranian medicine library and information science, Shahid Beheshti University. .(Presented)

·         Fahimifar, Sepideh (2006). “Approach of Iranian librarian about -ILISA-Iranian library and information science association ILISA “.Poster presented at The 1st National Conference of Information Organization, Tehran. Iran.

H. Honors/Awards

·         3rd Winner of The Youth Section in 4th Farabi International Award

·         1st Winner of Student Annual  Thesis (ISBA)

·         Winner of the best student annual Award of Library and information science(ADKA)

·         Member of Talented affair at Tehran University

·         2nd Winner of the student Journals in article section 

·         Top student at Alzahra University (2008,2009,2006)

·         Top researcher at Alzahra University(2010,2008,2009,2oo6)

·         The best head of students’ education committee at Alzahra University

·         3rd  Winner of the student journals as a Director in Chief

I: Workshops

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·          Endnote, Alzahra University,2010

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