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Robert Wei

Research Experience Through Enhanced Learning

Curriculum Vitae


 George Washington University, B.S. , Chemistry,  Wash., D.C.

Georgetown University, M.S., Biochemistry, Wash., D.C.

George Washington University, PhD, Biochemistry, Wash., D.C.

Georgetown University Hospital, Post-doct, Clinical Chemistry,  Wash., D.C.

Professional Experiences

° U.S. Army; Active Duty,  Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, 

   D.C., 1962-1964

° Technical Director, Washington Reference Laboratory (analytical  

   toxicology  laboratory), Silver Spring, Maryland, 1974-1975

° Senior Scientist, Electro-Nucleonics, Fairfield, New Jersey, 1975-1978;

   research on  the development of non-radioactive assay techniques for  

  Hepatitis  antigens and antibodies

° Associate Professor, Cleveland State University (CSU), 1978-present;

   PhD  Program  Director in Clinical Chemistry, 1979-1986; Associate

   Chair,  Department of  Chemistry,  1999- 2007.

° Senior Fulbright Scholar, 2000-2001 (9 months, University of Kelaniya,

   Sri  Lanka); developed MS program in Industrial and Environmental

   Chemistry;  designed six  graduate courses and taught including

   environmental  chemistry,  environmental chemistry lab, and

   environmental toxicology.

Committees: Served on various committees including Faculty Senate, 

  College Curriculum Committee (chair),  and College Academic


° Senıor Fulbrıght Scholar, 2010-2011 (9 months, Bahçeşehır Unıversıty

   Department of Envıronmental Engıneerıng, Istanbul, Turkey)

           Supervised 14  PhD dissertation projects  as  primary  research advisor  

         (since’78; Currently supervise 1 doctoral  student),  4 M.S. thesis projects  and  

         a large  number of undergraduate research projects in 

         the areas of environmental chemistry/toxicology. biochemistry, and clinical


  Society Memberships:

Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (1990-present), 

    Fulbright Association of Science & Technology (2002-present), American 

    Association of Clinical Chemistry (1978-present), American Board of Clinical

    Chemistry (1979-present; DABCC-certified by the American Board of Clinical

     chemistry), Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, American 

     Chemical Society

   Peer Reviewed Journal Articles (since 2007)

 January, MC, Cutright, T, Van Keulen, H, and Wei, R (2007) Hydropnic

phytoremediation of Cd, Cr, Ni, As, and Fe: Can Helianthus annuus

hyperaccumulate multiple heavy metals ? Chemosphere 70: 531-537.

 Van Keulen, H, Cutright, T, Wei, R (2007) Arsenate-induced expression of a class-

III chitinase in the Dwarf Sunflower Helianthus annuus, Environ Experim Botany

63: 281-288

 Wei, R Pathiratne, KAS, De Silva, OCP, Heheman, D., Atkinson, I, Wei, R (2007)

Occurrence and distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Bolgoa and Beira Lakes, Sri Lanka, Bull Environ Contam Toxicol 79: 135-140.

Presswala, L,  Matthews, M.E, Atkinson, I., Najjar R., Wei, R.,  and   Riga, A. (2008). Discovery of bound and unbound waters in crystalline amino acids revealed by thermal analysis. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry,  93   1, 295–300.

Matthews, M. E., Atkinson, I,  Presswala, L*; Najjar, O.; Gerhardstein, N, Wei, R. Rye, E., Riga, A. (2008) mailto:a.riga@csuohio.edu  Dielectric classification of D-and L-amino acids by thermal and analytical methods Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry,  93 (1) 281–28.

Walliwallagedara, H., Harry van Keulen, Cutright, T.,  Wei, R (2010) Comparison of sample preparation methods for the resolution of metal regulated proteins in Hellianthus annuus by 2-dimensional gel electrophoresis, The Open Proteomics Journal 3:00.

Hasintha, H., Atkinson, I., van Keulen, H., Cutright, T., Wei, R.(2010)  Differential expression of proteins induced by lead in Helianthus annuus,  Phytochemistry 71:1460-1465.

  • Teaching and Research Area

 Courses  developed / regularly taught*

             Biochemistry ( CHM 402/502;  upper-level undergraduate/graduate  )   

           -taught  1982-1999*

      Environmental Chemistry (CHM 404/504– undergraduate/graduate) 

           -developed and  taught - since 1993*

      Environmental Chemistry (CHM 255) –developed,  2001(not 

          regularly taught)

            Environmental Chemistry Lab (CHM 406/506-since’98)-developed and

                 taught since  1992*.

            Environmental Toxicology ( CHM 403/403 ) – developed and

                 taught  since  1998*

            Advanced Biochemistry (CHM 653/753 and CHM 654/754-graduate)

                    taught since  1978*

            Two REEL (research experience to enhance learning) courses 

                   developed and taught –since 2005*

               a. REEL Organic Chemistry Lab (CHM 338)

                 b. REEL General Chemistry Lab (CHM 287)

 • Current Research Fields/Interests: 

 Current  research project is concerned with  proteomic analysis in connection with the  accumulation of toxic metals in  the hyperaccumulator plants such as Dwarf sunflower and  Chinese fern. 



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