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  • Dr. Reza Naghshineh Memorial Lecture: Information Services for Veterinary Practice

  • December 22, 2018
    Photo credit: Mohammad Beigi
  • M. Nakhoda, Head of Library & Information Sciences Department, Tehran University
    F. Sheikhshoaei, Assistant Professor at Tehran University of Medical Sciences
  • M. Sarrafzadeh, Assistant Professor at Department of LIS, Tehran University
  • Photo credit: Mohammad Beigi
  • ِF. Jaloosiyan, Head of Veterinary Library, University of Tehran
  • Photo credit: Mohammad Beigi
  • S. Fahimnia, Assistant Professor at Department of LIS, Tehran University
    M. Janmohammadi, Serials librarian at Veterinary Library, University of Tehran
  • Photo credit: Mohammad Beigi
  • AR Ameri-naieni, Veterinarian in Aran vet clinic
    N Naghshineh, Director of Information Studies Lab.
    Niloofar Solhjoo, Research Assistant at Information Studies Lab.
  • Photo credit: Mohammad Beigi
  • Reza Naghshineh Memorial Lecture
    December 22, 2018
    Photo credit: Mohammad Beigi

This Memorial lecture was held on December 22nd, 2018 at Centeral Library of Tehran Unversity. It was arranged by Information Studies Laboratory and organized by Niloofar Solhjoo, a research assistant at ISL. This ceremony was dedicated to Dr. Reza Naghshineh who was a prominent Iranian veterinary pathologist. The purpose of the lecture was to draw attention to information services for veterinary practice. Speakers from both fields of veterinary medicine and information science accepted our invitation to participate. Also, the audience were from wide range of disciplines (e.g. information science, medical library science, veterinary medicine, IT management). We have received some positive responses to the meeting. Some LIS graduate students became more interested to work on animal health information issues. The veterinary librarians of Tehran University expressed their interest to collaborate with information department. We are grateful of our speakers for the time and effort they took to share their thoughts and experiences with us.

Our Speakers:

Vicky Croft: Forty years veterinary librarianship

Vicki Croft shared some of the changes during her 40 years as a veterinary librarian at Animal Health Library of Washington State University and the events leading to the internationalization of veterinary librarianship. Also, she offered some suggestions for today’s Iranian library school students and new librarians as they begin their careers.

Niloofar Solhjoo: Information interventions in veterinary practice: a study at Tehran University

Niloofar Solhjoo talked about creating strategies for promoting pet health and wellness through information interventions. She shared her comprehensive case-study looking at the effects of human-animal bond, vet-client relation, and health literacy in pet owners' information behaviors. She talked about online pet health information and consequences of poor access to reliable information. Finally, she gave some practical ideas which both veterinarians and animal health information specialists can put to their works.

Ann Viera: My infomation services: messages for librarians and veterinarians in Iran

Ann Viera, Veterinary Librarian at University of Tennessee, drew attention to the innovative and affordable journal PeerJ. Then, she talked about point-of-care evidence-based, clinical information services, such as VetCompanion and VetStream. Finally, she mentioned about new robust platforms from universities and associations on animal health that support the veterinarian-client bond.

Zoe Belshaw : Dr. Google vs. Veterinarians

This interview with Zoe Belshaw, the CE committee chair of WSAVA, by Niloofar Solhjoo is emphasized on misinterpreting of online information which is used in veterinary healthcare. Zoe shared her experiences and research on veterinarian’s communication skills and decision making processes in pet healthcare. She talked about how vets can tackle poor quality online pet health information. And she mentioned some good examples about collaboration between information specialists and veterinarians.

Amirreza Ameri-naeini: A veterinarian experiences in client education

Amirreza Ameri-naeini, veterinarian in Aran vet clinic, shared his experiences in designing brochures, leaflets and info-graphics to explain pet health related issue. He talked about a website which he has created for his client to become better informed about the medical problems their pet may have. Also, he explained how these reading materials make his consultation easier.

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